Recruitmet, Training & Competency Assurance

As we have a very long experience in organization build up and recruiting high technical calibers, we can provide our clients with the following:

  • Recruiting; high technical calibers in different technical positions and organizations (technical, engineering, process, laboratory, maintenance, asset integrity, operations, and HSE).
  • Competency assurance; we have competency assurance model for power stations, oil and gas, refineries, petrochemical, and chemical industries. We can customize a skill assessment matrix for each position in every organization.
  • Training; we have a powerful training module for all technical disciplines such as;
  1.  Process engineering.
  2.  Mechanical rotating/ static/ piping engineering.
  3.  Instrumentation and control.
  4.  Electrical.
  5.  Fire and gas.
  6.  HSE and quality management.

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