About Us

Synergy Engineering Services (SES) LTD is, an Egyptian professional company has its presence across the country and the Middle East region in the energy field as we provide the most deliberate holistic programs in versatile areas of engineering specifically designed for petroleum, petrochemicals, and natural gas companies regarding all aspects of the international standards and the most recent edge of science and technology with full consideration of Quality assurance and HSE Management.

We pride ourselves on the capabilities that enable us to provide the most effective Consultation to best serve our client needs, in order to provide the most productive, sustained and ever-evolving technical and managerial solutions.

We established Synergy not only for engineering and consultation but to introduce a new culture based on collaboration, trust, and professionalism as well. We build a team that compiles the spirit of cooperation and performance excellence.


Being one step ahead of the competition.

Synergy’s vision will become the vision that will always make you one step ahead.


Take effective Part in coordination with our clients “partners” to provide innovative, reliable and sustainable technical and managerial solutions that will increase productivity, optimize costs and eliminate unnecessary risks.

Synergy Values



Synergy follows an integrated approach to reach the optimum technical solution that best serves our partner’s needs in a way that meets if not exceeds the partner’s expectations. Synergy approach is a “twelve-step” process applied to any type of service provided.

Synergy Approach Elements

  • Full knowledge of international codes & standards and best practices.
  • Deep understanding of client needs.
  • Data collection and categorization.
  • Gap analysis and assessment audit.
  • Root Cause Analysis and problem identification.
  • Solution finding.
  • Select the optimum solution based on our decision-making tool.
  • Develop engineering for the selected solution.
  • Supervise solution implementation.
  • Verify solution engineering.
  • Post-implementation awareness and training.
  • Continuous improvement and Ever-Greening.